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MadCaps Spring Development Camp

Spring Development Camp 2019

We are excited to announce our spring development camp dates and times. Training includes both on ice and off ice sessions. Online registration will open on Friday January 18th and availability will be limited.


April 1st to May 9th, 2019

TEAM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday OFF ICE
11/12/13 5:10-6:40pm 5:10-6:40pm Tuesday 7-7:30pm
09/10 5:10-6:40pm 5:10-6:40pm Monday 7-7:30pm
07/08 7:40-8:40pm 7:10-8:40pm 6:10-7:40pm Monday 6:15-6:45PM & Wednesday 6:15-6:45pm
06/05 6:10-7:40pm 6:10-7:45pm 6:10-7:40pm Monday 5:15-5:45pm & Wednesday 5:15-5:45pm
03/04 8:10-9:40pm 7:10-8;40pm 7:10-8:40pm Tuesday 6:15-6:45pm & Thursday 6:15-6:45pm
00/01/02 8:10-940pm 8:10-9:40pm 8:10-9:40pm Wednesday & Thursday 7-7:30pm