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About the Organization

One of the first Capitols teams in the early 80's

One of the first Capitols teams in the early 80's


The Madison Capitols are one of the most extraordinary and illustrious hockey programs in the country. The Capitols pioneered the first AAA program in the State of Wisconsin and have become the model for many other programs, nationwide, that are currently in existence today. The Capitols were established in 1977 by hockey visionaries Marlowe Suter, Paul Ryan, and Steve Badalich. They set out to cultivate a group of young hockey players by exposing them to better coaching, superior training, and the most competitive venues to showcase their talents. This was the birth of the Madison Capitols and has been the driving force, the cornerstone, and the mission of the program since the late 70's.

Few programs nationwide rival the Madison Capitols commitment to skill development, competitive exposure, and coaching expertise. As the pioneer AAA hockey program in the State of Wisconsin, the Madison Capitols have enjoyed one of the longest, richest, and most recognizable hockey traditions in American AAA hockey.


Many Capitols alumni have gone on to play Junior Hockey, College and beyond.  Some of these players include those listed below alphabeticially:

Rob Andringa UW-Madison & Pro Hockey
Bo Badalich Collorado College
Gregg Badalich
Jeff Badalich University of Notre Dame
Brooks Bersch Junior Hockey & St. Cloud
Josh Biser St.Olaf
Alex Brooks UW-Madison & NJ Devils
Adam Burish UW-Madison
Joe Butcher UW-Stevens Point
Will Butcher National Development Program & University of Denver
John Byce UW-Madison & Pro Hockey
Brad Byce UW-Madison
Drew Callin Junior Hockey
Forrest Karr University of Notre Dame
Mike Cerniglia UW-Madison
Chris Clancy Dartmouth
Jeremy Daner Green Bay Gamblers, U. Lowell & Euoopen Hockey League
Kevin Dean U of New Hampshire, Devils, Rangers & Europen Hockey League
Mike Doers UW-Madison
Jake Dowell UW-Madison
Dan Enders Maine
Joe Frederick Northern Michigan
Bryan Fuss Junior Hockey & Soo St. Marie
Forrest Gore UW-Madison
Mike Johnson University of Notre Dame
Moose Johnson University of Notre Dame
Jack Johnson National Development Program, Michigan & Pro Hockey
Jake Johnson Junior Hockey & St. Cloud
Patrick Johnson UW-Madison
Phil Kessel University of Minnesota & Pro Hockey
Blake Kessel Providence & Pro Hockey
Eric Lampe Eropean Quinnepac
Jeff Lenz New Hampshire
Tyler Lundey Ohio State
Logan Maly Junior Hockey
Jeff Marshall UW-Stevens Point & Pro Hockey
Keegan Meuer UW-Madison
Skeeter Moore UMD
Matt Murray UW-Madison
Mark Oseicki UW-Madison
Joe Pavelski UW-Madison & Pro Hockey
Brian Rafalsksi UW-Madison & Pro Hockey
Jerred Redders UW-Stevens Point
Barry Richter National Development Program, UW-Madison & Pro Hockey
Tom Rufenacht European Pro Hockey
Dan Rufenacht European Pro Hockey
Dan Ruoho Northern Michigan & Pro Hockey
Jack Skille UW-Madison & Pro Hockey
Jeff Slinde UW-Madison
Craig Smith UW-Madison & Nashville
Tommy Smith University of Notre Dame
Dennis Sneden Colorado College
Steve Strunk Colorado College
Ryan Suter National Development Program, UW-Madison, Pro Hockey, Olympics
Gary Suter UW-Madison, Pro Hockey & Olympics
Jake Suter U. Mass Lowell
Garrett Suter UW-Stevens Point
Chris Truell Junior Hockey & Airforce Academy
Tony Turgeon Omaha
Stefan Walaby Junior Hockey
Tyler Weigel Eau Claire
Jason Weigel Junior Hockey & St. John's
Rocky Welsing Northern Michigan