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Spring Season Teams


Welcome Back for Another Spring of Madison Capitols Hockey!

We want to welcome you and your player back to Madison Capitols Spring Hockey. We have changed to format to keep up with the changing times and make sure every player receives the most they can from every practice, skill session or Game. To achieve we have moved away from a "spring camp" format and shifted to a "spring season" format. Each team will carry at a minimum 18 players, maximum 22. This number would include practice only player spots that can be offered as well as full roster spots.  This is raise the level of competition in every practice with not only the skill level on the ice but also the different types of practices coaches are able to have because they have more players. Spring Hockey is an opportunity for players to get exposure to AAA hockey and for some players to try to play who otherwise may not have gotten the opportunity to do so because they are the 10th or 11 forward on a team or a seventh defensemen. It will also help avoid having a short roster at tournaments if a player has a family conflict or conflict with another sport they play. Our coaching staff will focus to build on the individual/team concepts players have learned throughout the season. WE ENCOURAGE ALL PLAYERS WHO ARE INTERESTED TO COME TO THE TRYOUT AND HAVE THE EXPERIENCE so they know if Tier 1 Hockey is something they want to pursue this level of play. Each Spring and Fall is an OPEN TRYOUT.

!!PLEASE NOTE!! !! U16 TRYOUT'S WILL BE WITH BOTH 02's & 03's TOGETHER & THERE WILL BE A U15 TEAM!! This will give the coaches/evaluators the opportunity to see the 03's skate up with the 02's. If the evaluators feel any 03's can play up they will be asked to move up to the U16 Spring Team. Coaches, Player & Parents must be in agreement for player to move up.

Spring Season Tryouts: Dates Times Cost & Team

Level Coach Tryout Fee Tryout Dates & Times Tournaments Skater Fees
U12 Girls U12 (06 AND UNDER) Marc Gerothanas $30 March 20th 5:30-6:40 & March 22nd 6:00-7:10pm Chi Town Shuffle and The Stars & Stripes $550
U14 Girls (05/04) Dan Ruoho $30 March 20th 6:50-8:00 & March 22nd 7:20-8:30pm Chi Town Shuffle and The Stars & Stripes $550
U16 Girls (03/02) Rachel Jones $30 March 20th 5:30-6:40 & March 22nd 6:00-7:10pm Chi Town Shuffle and The Stars & Stripes $550
Boy's U16 (02/03) Mike Swanson & Mitch Kerns $30 March 20th 6:00-7:10pm & March 22nd 5:30-6:40pm Madison Meltdown, April 20-22, Sun Prairie $300
U15 (2003) Chase Drake $30 TBD TBD $550
2004 Rick Flemming & Mike Dunse $30 March 19th 6:50-8:00pm & March 21st 6:50-8:00pm Shock Doctor Shootout & Independent Cup $550
2005 Jeff Cordray $30 March 19th 5:30-6:40pm & March 21st 5:30-6:40pm Chi Town Shuffle & Northern Wings Showdown (Duluth) $550
2006 Barry Richter $30 March 19th 6:00-7:10pm & March 21st 6-7:10pm Chi Town Shuffle & Shock Doctor Shootout $550
2007 Jason Ledford & Shawn Peterson $30 March 5th 7:10-8:20pm & March 9th 6-7:10pm Chi Town Shuffle and Stars & Stripes $550
2008/09 Aaron Kostichka $30 March 5th 5:30-6:40pm & March 9th 7:20-8:30pm Chi Town Shuffle and The Shock Doctor Shootout $550

Madison Capitols Administration


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